Elephant Step

With this project we intend to equip three special schools for visually impaired with iPad and to create software to transform maps, formulas, charts and diagrams into audio documents.
The iPads and the technological ecosystem around it are very accessible to visually impaired users. To all this we’ll add an application that recognizes embossed printed page and that transform it into speech.
The charts will be recorded using the iPad’s camera, and the recognition of the image will be made by finger touch using the VoiceOver software already existing on the iPad. All these apps will help students to have access to a wide range of information. To prevent duplication of efforts, a cloud database will be developed to which every school will upload their educational resources. There will be a partnership with the National Library of Romania, in order to enable access to a larger collection of documents.
With all this, we want to introduce in the educational process the work with tablets, so that students in special schools to continue their academic for the highest qualifications, as the students in other schools.

Romanian schools have an acute lack in educational and provide limited access to resources, textbooks, reference books or even books from the school bibliography. Special schools offer their visual impaired students a small number of textbooks and Braille books, which are extremely heavy and expensive, while for students with low vision, they provide enlarged snippets from handbooks created by a copy machine.
Technical disciplines, like physics and chemistry are not covered in printed books, as the conversion of scientific formulas from normal text to Braille is very difficult, making education for visual impaired students limited to only the social sciences.
In Romania only 4% of visually impaired are working as a valid person, as their access to a large variety of information is restricted. We strongly believe that this project will have a great impact for this community, as it will facilitate independent access to knowledge, supporting the needs of visually impaired students and developing their awareness for the existing options.

Urban Development Organization is a non-governmental organization founded in 2009 in Romania whose mission is to find solutions to some problems of the community for its sustainable development . The 25 projects undertaken by the association provides solutions to environmental problems, road safety, waste collection, education and tourism. The main objectives are to encourage innovation, implementation of such projects and initiate programs that can serve as examples in various areas of human development .

Urban Development Organization ( ADU ) increases from year to year whit members, volunteers and projects . Social life in Romania began to grow more and more, to request and initiate fresh projects, projects that meet the needs of society.

Dan Patzelt
mail to: surname.name@ NGO site.ro

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