assistive technology for the blind – THAT’S assistive technology (virtual assistant to read images) – Indiegogo pitch text –

Welcome everybody!

I’m Dan Patzelt and i’m curious if you ever ask yourself how a visually impaired person could see images?

I want to share with you a dream of mine: I want to make a visually impaired child able to print itself a tactile illustrated book, and this make him feel like a normal person.

Do you ever ask yourself how a blind person see images?

If you don’t, I challenge you! Close yours eyes, in fact is not really necessary, because you must put your hands in a big bowl filled with sand and start to search for an object. Your tactile sensors will be fill with unclear information, but when you touch an object and feel a shape you start to build a spatial representation. And when you feel the texture of the object your representation become more complete, also when put the other hand and touch the object you could really understand what it is. But what it is in reality the object that you mentally created? You have a spatial representation, still without someone to tell what it is you can’t understand the true meaning of the object.

That’s the problem with visually impaired people, they need assistance to read images. Also is a big lack of interest regard this people, so they can’t benefit from a right education. And the effect of this situation is a huge precent of unemployed people, over 96% from Romanian visually impaired persons.

From our experience the solution is at hand!

THAT’S (virtual assistant to reading images) associated with online library. This is a software who identify images with a help from a QR code, and when reading gesture is present,  an audio file who describe the object will be played. This system is a help that replace the human assistant who must stay behind a visually impaired people when reading an image, and give access to an online database with images accessible to disabled, created by teachers and parents. In that way the effort to explain to every person could be replaced by a software, and a lesson who is introduced in system will became available to all users.

The unicity of this project is based on financially approach. Visually impaired people from our country are not a market target, so our system will be free to use. Why free? Because only in that way we could build an international community interested in education.

Orange foundation had trust in us and sponsorship the demo for our software, and also aquisition of tablets for special schools. You could also help us to gather the money for IOS module (35 000 €) and online database (5000 €).

Next step is to make software accessible to other OS, and also to persons who don’t have acces to internet or mobile devices.

The style of learning for visually impaired people will change, your role is to make that as quickly as possible. Together we could give to a visually impaired child the chance to print, listen and „see” itself a story book.

THAT’S will be a revolutionary education system for visually impaired people, the children will learn the same disciplines like normal ones, and adults will find more easily a job. Everyone, everywhere will could see how many images, he or she, will like.

In my name and in the name of millions of people, who will benefit from this program, we want to thank you!

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