Other system vs. THAT’S

Other systems / THAT’S

hardware / software
$ 1,000 piece / free
only those who have money to invest in education / for all other smartphone is not unusual or webcam
not only for blind people, it can be used in education and other social CATEGORY (normal children in kindergarten, autism, etc.)
Games can be design, interactive imaging.

What this means in Numbers*?

100,000 children could see a tactile book made by a parent at home
1.000.000 people can see a picture book designed by a volunteer
10.000.000 people can use teaching material developed by a teacher
100,000,000 people around the globe can see a book made accessible by publishers
1,000,000,000 files will fill the online library accessible to disabled images, freely available to any interested blind person on the planet to see images.
280 million people from around the globe do not have to give 1000$ on a system (device + software) they can use the webcam and mobile devices they already have, or that it deserves and buy because this is the future Image Recognition

* approximate figures

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