The story of THAT’S – build images – image recognition software for the blind

The project THAT’S initially started from a physical and personal need in events for visually impaired people.

After research methods and educational offers, especially after contact with companies that produce products of accessibility, we wanted to come up with another approach in the special education market, a simple and accessible one.

Imagine, any assistive device costs 1.000$ and is doing only one thing. Now imagine how all this device’s could be replaced by a simple Smartphone that a visually impaired people already have in his pocket.

So together with blind teachers from special schools in Romania and the support of Orange Foundation we managed to prove our innovative solution.

After searching through dozens of software companies, partners how can realise an image recognition software, after speaking with the Giants of industry who told us that the real budget is 10 times bigger than initial, we managed to finally find a benevolent partner.

A partner that made a functional DEMO, partner who believed in the project’s overall functionality and invested over 3 times more in software development than we were able to pay.

Download Page ->

Now that we’ve demonstrated that our project is operational and that our customers want it, we start looking for other funding to make our project functional and millions of people can use it for free. Now we write crowdfunding campaigns and seeking partners interested in increasing life quality of people with sight disabilities worldwide.

We are confident that we can raise the money to make freely available the browser image editing module and reader applications on multiple operating systems.
Once the system is integrated, a child will be able to print at home a tactile book, hundred’s of student’s can learn math, geography, etc and million’s of adult’s find their job easier.

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