Virtual Assistant for reading images for people with visual impairments. Individual Study!

1Hi, I’m Dan Patzelt and one of my concerns is to help people with low vision.

So I imagine the THAT’S a system comprised of support, headphones, tablet or smartphone connected to an application that provides access to a database of resources made ​​accessible for blind.

In our previous projects we noticed students need individual assistance to learn and this it is a challenge for teachers. I imagined it easy and actual solution that could provide autonomy and solve two of the biggest problems of the visually impaired peoples, those being: 1. Assistance to reading 2D and 3D images and 2. The lack of a database whit Pictures made ​​accessible for them.

With Orange Foundation Romania we have built a prototype, which we tested in seven schools for the blind. Built-in camera is oriented towards material that supports 3D printing. THAT’S software enables playing of audio and positioning information stored in a database, to make available the image to the blind reader. Simultaneously, the student feels contour line and listen to the virtual narrator.

So the experience of reading assisted an image can be replicated anywhere, anytime and as many times as needed.

THAT’S enables individual study through access to a database of information and images accessible to disabled persons, which with the help of the community will gradually develop.

I opened a campaign of crowdfunding inDemand to complete iOS applications, application development and other operating systems, the server plus develop content specifically one of our dreams is „The first tactile illustrated story book, downloadable”

The project costs for iOS system are divided as follows: 

  • 40,000Euro iOS
  • 10,000Euro server
  • 15,000Euro management

Project team consists of four people with whom I collaborated on previous projects and accessibility of public spaces (+ pictures).

Came along and help us to make this dream as soon as possible: individual access to images for blind and individual study.

In the name of millions of blind people, who will benefit from your gesture, thank you!


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